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10 ways to freshen up an aging website

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Your website is aging, but you are not ready for a complete redesign; that doesn’t mean that you should let your website lag behind the competition. Here are a few tips on how you can freshen up an aging website.

1. Update your information
Ensure that the information on your website is current. Pay special attention to phone and fax numbers, emails addresses and other types of contact details which may have changed over time.

2. Add social media share buttons
Your website may have been created before the social media boom but that’s no excuse not to get in on the action. Adding share buttons is a simple way for users to share your website with their network.

3. Update your website copyright information
Nothing screams I am old and neglected louder than an outdated copyright statement.

4. Update your latest news
Two year old latest news = my website is dead and I am out of business, please do not visit anymore. Another option is to re-purpose this slot on your homepage for your Facebook feed or your latest tweets.

5. Add a slideshow to your homepage
A few well chosen images and a slick transition can put the swag back into your dotcom.

6. Fix broken links
Ensure that all your website links are working. Pay attention to external links as well; websites do go under from time to time and you don’t want them pulling you down with them.

7. Add a blog
Even if you do not have the time to write original entries, re-purposing relevant articles written by others is a simple way of using a blog to constantly add new information to your website. Ensure you only use the first 1 – 2 paragraphs on your own page and always remember to link to the original article.

8. Update your website images
Go wild! Replace old pictures of your office, team members, work samples and any other visuals you have on the website…this goes a long way in getting rid of that stale website smell.

9. Add Google Analytics
Use Google Analytics to figure out how your visitors are using your website. Use this data to inform your content creation and marketing and communications strategy.

10. Share your URL
Once you have completed the tasks listed above, ask your staff, family and friends to share your website URL across their own social networks.

Don’t have the time or the know how to implement these changes for your own website? Then we have you covered, check out our specialized Web Heroes website maintenance service.

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