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10 ways to freshen up an aging website


Your website is aging, but you are not ready for a complete redesign; that doesn’t mean that you should let your website lag behind the competition. Here are a few tips on how you can freshen up an aging website.

1. Update your information Ensure that the information on your website is current. Pay special attention to phone and fax numbers, emails addresses and other types of contact details which may have changed over time.

2. Add social media share buttons Your website may have been created before the social media boom but that’s no excuse not to get in on the action. Adding share buttons is a simple way for users to share your website with their […]

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Why you should say “NO” to website proposals.


It might seem counter intuitive that I am asking would be clients who receive our proposals to say no.

The reality is that of all the responses we get in regards to proposals we send out, approximately ninety-eight percent (98%) are yes. Sounds good right? But we are not smiling all the way to the bank just yet…That (98%) actually represents the persons who actually send back a reply, shockingly most people do not even acknowledge receipt of the proposal that they requested.

As horrible as it sounds, the vast majority of the persons who turn down our proposals never even bother to notify us that they are indeed saying ‘no’ to the proposal.

If […]

Why you should say “NO” to website proposals. posted by xhanubis 6:40 am

What’s in a proposal?


“Every web project begins with a problem” – Jerry Valentine – And that’s exactly where we begin. One of the first things we do is ask you to fill out our web development project planner. This is basically an introduction of you, the potential client, and us, your potential provider. This usually clarifies for us the who, the what, the where and the when…but what we really want to know is the why, so we can determine the how.

Once we have basic information about you and your organization we do a little bit of research online, the “polite words for stalking” to get an idea of your online footprint or your lack thereof. We […]

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Why we do not support Internet Explorer 6 & 7


A potential web development client in Jamaica asked me “Do you guys build websites that work in Internet Explorer 6?”. Here is a quick summary of my reply “We design websites utilizing current web standards. We utilize the latest techniques to enure that your website is as technologically advanced as is practical from the get go because we know that it begins to age the moment we start building it. Internet explorer 6 (IE6) was launched over 10 years ago and in the fast paced world of technology it is literally a dinosaur”.

Internet Explorer 7 also is a relic of the distant past. More than 5 years old, this browser understandably struggles to keep up with […]

Why we do not support Internet Explorer 6 & 7 posted by xhanubis 10:31 am

What does Think Interactive really do?


My mother thinks I am “into computers”, my friends think I am “into the web business” and I think I do as little as possible! So the question is “what is it that we actually do at Think Interactive?”

Though we have our genesis in web design and development we offer a wide range of services. Rather than describing ourselves as a “Jamaican Web Design Company” a more apt description would be a “Jamaican Website Services Company”.

What exactly are these services that I speak of?

Web Design We design the graphic user interface (GUI) for sites. This determines how the website looks and functions. We separate this from web development because sometimes we create designs that are coded […]

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How much does a website cost?


This is a question I get daily from potential clients and to tell you the truth, I am not lying when I say ‘IT ALL DEPENDS‘. I think sometimes clients believe that they have to keep their budget to themselves to get the most bang for their buck, they feel that by putting out a solid number their developer will try to price the job in such a manner as to use the entire budget whether the job warrants it or not.

That may very well be the case, once I get a client to share their budget I generally try to squeeze as much functionality and features that is on the clients wish list into the project […]

How much does a website cost? posted by xhanubis 12:10 am