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Why we do not support Internet Explorer 6 & 7

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A potential web development client in Jamaica asked me “Do you guys build websites that work in Internet Explorer 6?”. Here is a quick summary of my reply “We design websites utilizing current web standards. We utilize the latest techniques to enure that your website is as technologically advanced as is practical from the get go because we know that it begins to age the moment we start building it. Internet explorer 6 (IE6) was launched over 10 years ago and in the fast paced world of technology it is literally a dinosaur”.

Internet Explorer 7 also is a relic of the distant past. More than 5 years old, this browser understandably struggles to keep up with the best practices and techniques of web development today. Even though as designers and developers if we really try we can get these browsers to behave nicely, the investment in time versus what is to be gained makes that a very impractical course of action.


Why we do not support Internet Explorer 6 & 7 posted by xhanubis 10:31 am