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What does Think Interactive really do?

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My mother thinks I am “into computers”, my friends think I am “into the web business” and I think I do as little as possible! So the question is “what is it that we actually do at Think Interactive?”

Though we have our genesis in web design and development we offer a wide range of services. Rather than describing ourselves as a “Jamaican Web Design Company” a more apt description would be a “Jamaican Website Services Company”.

What exactly are these services that I speak of?

Web Design
We design the graphic user interface (GUI) for sites. This determines how the website looks and functions. We separate this from web development because sometimes we create designs that are coded by other individuals or companies.

Web Development (coding)
We code designs (convert image files to HTML and CSS) that we create or that are provided to us by our clients.

Graphic Design
We design business cards, posters, banners, brochures, newsletters, magazines and even apparel like t-shirts and caps.

Branding and Identity
We help our clients to create logos and identities for their brands. We also help them to develop branding guidelines that define not only the look and feel of the brand but also its tone and voice.

Website Hosting
We provide a managed hosting service for select clients. Our service differs from traditional hosting in that we will actually manage the day to day maintenance of your website on your behalf. We will ensure that your website code is up to date, that it is backed up regularly, and even create/delete email addresses for you. And in the case of disaster we will resurrect your website at no extra cost to you.

Website Maintenance
We update email addresses, news, events, blogs, photo galleries and any other form of content that exists on your website. We also update CMS and plugins core code to ensure the security of your on-line presence. We keep your website fresh so you don’t have to.

Domain Services
We register and administrate domain names on behalf of our clients. This includes purchasing and renewals as well as DNS management.

Content Generation
We write content, not only for your website, but also for your marketing campaigns, brochures, advertisements and press releases. Additionally, we develop content on an ongoing basis for your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Social Media Management
We manage the day to day administration of our clients’ social media pages to not only post content but also to engage with their fans. We interpret usage data and statistics to help our clients plan and execute their online marketing strategies.

Facebook Media Buy
We purchase, design and administer Facebook Ads on behalf of our clients. We also provide them with detailed summaries of the results to help them plan future advertisement.

Not sure where to start? Need help creating that RFP? Evaluating a proposal? We handle stuff like that as well.

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