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What’s in a proposal?

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“Every web project begins with a problem” – Jerry Valentine – And that’s exactly where we begin. One of the first things we do is ask you to fill out our web development project planner. This is basically an introduction of you, the potential client, and us, your potential provider. This usually clarifies for us the who, the what, the where and the when…but what we really want to know is the why, so we can determine the how.

Once we have basic information about you and your organization we do a little bit of research online, the “polite words for stalking” to get an idea of your online footprint or your lack thereof. We do this because every now and then a client comes to us with a problem that is a symptom rather than the actual cause, and by us getting as much information as we can garner at the outset we are better prepared to listen.

At this juncture we usually invite our would be client for a chat via telephone [876-578-6003], skype [xhanubis1] or our favorite, face to face sipping on some form of fermented beverage. The face to face is not only a great way to get to know new clients but also to meet interesting new people, after all web development is not exactly the most social of occupations.

We let you tell us what your problem/s are and help you to refine the problem/s into an actionable variable. Eg.

Once we have identified your problem/s we go back to our computers and do a bit more snooping (research) but this time we are not just stalking you but your competition as well. Who knows, they might have even solved the problem for you.

Armed with all the information we have gathered as well as what we gleaned from our chat, we create a solution that will eradicate your problem/s.

Once we have decided on the proposed solution we create a schedule that fits your timeline as well as our production queue and finally crunch the numbers to give you as accurate as possible estimation of cost.

Imagine, that before you even become a client, before any money has changed hands, we have already invested 4-6 hours of our time in thinking about your problem/s and possible solutions. Just imagine what we will do when you actually hire us

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